And now in offline format!

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Yup, thats right we made a magazine... a good old fashioned free listing magazine - for those moments when you just don't want to stare at another screen.

And from now on, this will be a monthly fixture from us with an edition out in time for the beginning of the new month.

So why make a magazine at all?

Quite simply... we, and Oslo, need it! Since the app has been out we have had loads of positive feedback, and seeing the listings fill up again after Covid has been great and thus the time just felt right to put out a magazine.

It’s also a format that we miss. There is something nice about flicking through the pages of a fanzine style mag that you can tuck away on your back pocket and not be distracted by flashing lights and cat pictures.

Preview not review

But one thing to clarify - we don’t have plans to review events, that’s not what broadcast is all about, and there are plenty of others out there doing that just fine!

We are about helping you, the audience, easily find the info you need to go out and discover some new music in the real world and always looking for ways to help promote the music scene that we all love.

Great, where can I find a copy?

Before the weekend we dropped off copies at: Radio, Café Sara, Thorvalds, Peloton, Blå, Hør Hør, Vaterland, Herr Nilsen, Nasjonal Jazzscene - Victoria, Makulator, Jaegar, KAFÉ HÆRVERK, Revolver, Kniven, Last Train, Kulturhuset, Brewgata, Teddy’s Softbar and Bonanza to name but a few, and over the course of the coming days we will establish a full list of venues that can be dedicated distribution points so you can easily find a copy when you need it!

If you know a venue (or are a venue) that should have the mag, then please get in touch and let us know. We are working through the list to try and get to everyone but want to make sure we can reach as many people as possible.

We will be back with more info soon, but for now the we hope you like the mag :-)

PS. For venues, the deadline for listings info for the June issue is 20th May and will feature events from last week of May until the end of June. So if your info is published by then we will try our best to include it in the mag.

And, as ever we end our news posts with an audio treat, this time from Mekon featuring Rozanne Shante with the rather approriately titled "Whats going on".

30th April 2022

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