The Cavebones // Mir
Thu 20th June 2024
Toftes Gate 69, Oslo

Er The Cavebones det norske svaret på The Flintstones eller er The Flintstones det amerikanske svaret på The Cavebones? Kom på Mir torsdag 20.juni og bestem selv. Vi kan uansett love at dette blir en forrykende konsertopplevelse! «The Cavebones have been around for 66 million years and are as such the only known band with a predominantly fossilized fan base. Their music is inspired by neolithic tribal rhythms and the haunting mating call of the Crampasaurus. Some call it, Psychobilly. Some call it Garage. The truth lies somewhere in between, but they sure bring the rocks to your rolls. In 2024 they added The Gimp and Girl With No Name from For The Love of Ivy to their lineup from an unholy union between the two bands. If you're into faux sabretooth tiger couture and fuzzy guitar, this might just be your thang. If not there are other bands out there. But do other bands know how to make you move your arms like a chimpanzee? To do the lobster bird? Roll like a stone? Do like any perky, playful, partying paleontologist and find out.» Dette er en del av Oslo Tiki Weekend, som avholdes i Oslo denne helgen.

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Thu 20th June 2024
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