Thu 9th May 2024
Toftes Gate 69, Oslo
Alternativ Rock

Save the date ! Double bill : NEXT.APE + SHAN ! A musical encounter rich in sound and sensory exploration; an invitation to meditation, followed by a multidirectional journey.

⛰ SHAN • Jazz • France

The music of Shan offers a strong poetic journey. Water, plants, stone, memory, their music is a common meditation on the theme of the mountain and the relationship between men and the forces of nature. Shan gathers three aerial and striking voices coming from the french jazz scene. Their music explores sound textures, materials and a somewhat previously unheard work on rhythm and beat. In this trio, Pascal Charrier, composer and guitarist, uses a modified folk guitar, which emphasizes the natural timbre and resonances of the instrument. The harmonic reflexes are disturbed, playing comes back from long gone memory or instinct, as in a primitive relationship to sound. For Julien Pontvianne, saxophonist and clarinetist, music is made of silence, resonances, non-tempered chords, continuous materials, molten timbres. He masters the art of opening up spaces and times where we find a shelter. Ariel Tessier plays the drums. He is another revelation and active musician of the french scene. His very airy cymbal playing, combining extreme fluidity and precision, makes him a great force, transcending any rhythm. ”Shan is a cocktail of sound textures that encourage introspection.“ (Jazz à Babord) “Poetry of notes, sounds, and their textures, the music of this trio (with none seeking to occupy the center stage) is woven with improvisations on the theme of the mountain.“ (Radio Nova)

Pascal Charrier - guitar Julien Pontvianne - saxophone, clarinet Ariel Tessier - drums

🚀 NEXT.APE • Experimental alternative pop • Belgium Next.Ape is the unclassifiable project of Belgian drummer Antoine Pierre (Urbex, VAAGUE, Taxi Wars). “An experimental and fusion spirit reminiscent of international heavyweights like Thundercat or Flying Lotus.“ (Larsen, BE) “Organic jazz rhythms, electro arrangements ranging from classy trip-hop to adventurous pop.“ (Moustique, BE) The solid tone of the bass drum and the deep bass of the Moog embody the heartbeat of Next.Ape. Above, a magnetic voice bewitches the audience. The sound of the keyboards draw the imaginary body of this amazing animal in motion, which changes shapes and contours throughout the tracks. Energetic, unclassifiable and surprising : the songs of this "made in Europe" band speak to your guts. The heterogeneous musical universe of Next.Ape takes us far away and in a multitude of directions, to better return to ourselves -recharged-, after this continuously ascending trip. An unforgettable live band, a must-see !

Antoine Pierre - drums, compositions Julie Rens - vocals, lyrics Lorenzo Di Maio - guitar Jérôme Klein - keyboards, moog Cédric Raymond - keyboards, effects

Doors open at 8PM Tickets available on site Price : 250 kr

MIR (Open between 19:00 BM - 00:30 AM) Toftes gate 69, Oslo, Norway, 0552

Thu 9th May 2024
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